Bernie Sanders for ME


At the bottom of a TIME’s article about Tulsi Gabbard, Democratic National Convention VP who quit her job to endorse Sanders, you will find a link to Hilary Clinton’s “decisive win” in SC and on Super Tuesday. The page also produces, perhaps randomly, a link to state your support for Hilary on another ‘I’m with her’ website or whatever. I find it odd that in an article describing the Democratic Party’s VP quitting to support Sanders, after having been thoroughly warned by the party, would have no link to a support Bernie page or a ‘hey Bernie is doing alright too’ page. I find it harder and harder not to believe there is a Bernie media blackout.

This Sunday Maine will hopefully show their independent thinking as a state and elect a man who is ready to flip America on its head. Sanders is picking up key endorsements left and right but many of them are not being connected or mentioned well enough. This recent move by Hawaiian representative Gabbard is an interesting one. Democratic party members are literally jumping ship. They don’t care what the odds are of winning in a corrupt system, they simply, and perhaps rightly, don’t want to be standing there after having won that way.

This is one of those precious few moments in modern American history where we have the chance, yet again, to make a bold change in direction and spirit. Since 1972 Democrats have been acting like Republicans, subjecting themselves to the philosophy of ‘All for the glorious Party’. And for some reason to many Americans this seems less like Soviet Style Communism and more like Democracy. It was when McGovern lost to Nixon in 72’ that we lost another one of those rare opportunities. Fred Dutton wrote in his book Changing Sources of Power: American Politics in the 1970s, that the decade would create a cornerstone and a major historical watershed in American Politics. The 70s provided an opportunity for people to come together or be frightened and scattered. We know Nixon and his cronies thwarted that dream and began a legal/illegal proxy war against the American left that continued on into the 21st Century.

For me, 2016 is another one of these cornerstone generation moments. One of the few human waves of possible consequence. A bi-polar party system and our last missed opportunity has brought us into a Citizens United world, but now we have the chance again to get out, to give everyone the health care and education they deserve and have been robbed of. If you have been raised to think that nothing is free and that free health care and education in a capitalism society is a fantasy, it is because we live in a world where Multinational Corporations (MNCs) are people and are given priority above citizens. Just ask Fryeburg, Maine. What is radical here is not our Vermont Senator asking for some basic human dignity in the world’s richest country, it is the fact that people are voting on the opposite side of the political spectrum for a proven moron and racist. After Super Tuesday’s Republican results it is no wonder the google search for ‘move to Canada’ hit a spike in traffic. As for Clinton, I whole hardheartedly respect her supporters’ opinions. We need the pragmatists and the realist thinkers of the left as well, but again this is not the time for idle hands. This is not the time to play it safe. Americans have been retreating into perceived safety for the past 30-40 years but it has only dragged the whole country further to the political right. Around the world we are a laughing stock, they expect us to vote in a Simpsons Schwarzenegger anytime now. Some say Bernie is too far left, when for me he is dead center, balanced, and fair.

When one considers this fact, that we live in a post-Citizens United world, it is not hard to argue that Bernie Sanders is actually winning this election. From states results to polls Sanders has been right there, neck and neck fighting with Hilary for votes. He has easily beaten other Democratic candidates and he has done all of this without a Super Pac. If we were to take away Hilary’s Super Pac from the start I think it is obvious who would be winning this race. He is not paying for votes he is earning them. He is doing something no candidate has been able to do for decades, run an actual grass-roots campaign for the presidency, one that realizes that in any country in the world health comes before wealth and not the other way around. Some will say that Drumpf and Sanders success is just an angry electorate upset on both sides with the status-quo. I would say good, get MAD, but make sure you know who to get mad at.

I will not say anything negative about Clinton, though I easily could and want to. Instead I will merely state that I have personally met people directly affected by her follies, not just in America but from several nations around the world. I will say that with any Republican or Clinton we will see more of what we have seen before, which is economic depression after depression. Some are already predicting the next crash will be sooner than previously thought. And I’m sitting here thinking ‘why haven’t we been able to avoid this disastrous cycle for the past 100 odd years’. We think that the USA is infallible and we trudge on ahead with the same policies and programs that got us into this mess.  I should mention that the free hand of the market is no deity of mine. There is no such thing as true communism or capitalism, only the impressions we make in between.

It will be interesting to see how a President Sanders will tackle his future challenges. How will his tenure in the House and Senate affect his relationship with those institutions? Will he be able to do anything with a brain-drain supported Congress? Either way we need to try. That is why I hope Maine will vote for Bernie, a proven environmental activist, an earnest representative, and exactly what this state and country needs. A healthy wake up call and a hopefully a change in political character.


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