Net Neutral 2

Net Neutrality

Back in 2016 the FCC made the decision to keep the internet equal, open and free. As soon as the decision was made several Internet Service Providers (ISPs), like AT&T, came out and stated they would not give up this fight so easily. Luckily enough for them, they don’t really have to. President Donald has placed Ajit Pai as Federal Communications Commission chairman. Ajit has stated that he is fully against Net Neutrality and just happens to be a former lawyer for Verizon.

ISPs, like Verizon and Comcast, have been scrambling the propaganda machine to further misconstrue their actual intentions with changing the ruling. They call it “different legal footing”, they say it will benefit the poor, but in the end, it can really only be described as one thing; cable company fuckery. John Oliver has managed to find the best way to describe what is going on in this extremely boring and beyond important fiasco. There is really no other way to explain this phenomenon to the average citizen. There are enough examples of cable companies or ISPs taking advantage of consumers and markets to merit real concern. However, perhaps more showing of their misdirection are the 128,000-identical fake anti-net neutrality emails that have been sent to FCC. Some people’s names and identities may have even been stolen to speak out against Net Neutrality. Many pro-net neutrality emails also had fake names and addresses, but were at least not blatantly identical.

Even though cable companies and late show hosts are attempting to garner our support the urgency that this issue deserves is still not there. This right now is a battle for the future of not only the nation but the world. We are talking about the internet; a world spanning system of connectivity with blazing complexity. The people have so far lost out and now corporations make the real decisions for us. A handful of companies against millions of citizens and they still don’t stand a chance.

The real question, for the individual, may be; is accumulated capital the only merit we are looking for to decide who governs the internet? If so, then let the ISPs do whatever they want. Let them charge their premiums for faster internet. We still have books, right?

The question I have for myself; if Ajit and Donald get their way, is this to be the last real battle? Is this the Gettysburg of Net Neutrality or the Fort Sumter? The beginning of our long fight, or the beginning of the end? Either way, we have a few options against Donald and Ajit, including emails to the FCC, voting for a better Congressman in 2018, insulting and belittling rhetoric (that he is clearly immune to), and voting with your feet, just to name a few. Although some companies are anti-Net Neutrality many are actually for it. Amazon, Etsy, Kickstarter, Mozilla and Vimeo are holding a day of protest on July 12th. We can show them some love and support for their action. In the meantime

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