Lesser Evils (Pence)

Lesser Evils

There has been some talk of impeaching Donald in response to all the drivel we have had to endure from him. Heck, they were talking about it before he even won the presidency. More recently, five months in, those calls have been growing more numerous. While it might seem like it would be satisfying to have Donnie be our next impeachment victim, it could possibly turn out to be far worse.

If Donald steps down we will have Mike Pence eagerly awaiting to replace him. The two barely got on during the campaign and were found contradicting one another several times. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the next administration might be more competent at taking away our rights. Mike Pence is known for his discriminating policies against the LGBT community, his ban on abortions, and general dislike of immigrants and refugees. Donald may have used Pence to get better footing in the religious right demographic because we never really think of Donald as religious. Donald’s god is greed. Pence’s god may be something similar but it also comes with all that baggage from trying to press religion on state politics. This is something that since the beginning America has tried to avoid with the separation of church and state.

The anti-women’s choice movement, be it over their jobs or reproductive rights, has gained positions in places of power. There is some truth to the saying that ‘this is a Christian nation’. Let’s say instead though, that our country has a Christian nation, as well as a Jewish nation, and Muslim, and every other denomination you could possibly think of. However, it is a certain segment of Christians that seem more apt to bring their religion into public and state law, while passing their blatant discrimination off as religious freedom. This hurts not only women but also other disenfranchised minorities in the country.

Recently, Civia Tamarkin and Luchina Fisher released their documentary Birthright: A War Story. It revolves around the increasing restrictions on abortions in America. Even the current administration is trying to get rid of access to contraceptives as well as other important civil liberties. With Pence in the office the road toward Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale only gets shorter.

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